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Hardwood Spades

Summary – Hardwood Spades

Hardwood Games is operated on own software since 1994.Multi-player environment or single player against the computer.52 playing cards.A lot of playing rooms including league and premium.Free games to play.Premium members account.Leader players system.

NB Note: Spades at Hardwood Spades for free only.

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Spades Games at Hardwood Spades

  • 52 playing cards.
  • Four/three players game.
  • Pair up with partner or individual playing.
  • Number of different playing rooms.
  • Play against computer for practice.
  • Social and Rated games.

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Our Spades Game Enjoyment Factor Rating: ★★★★★

Software & Website Features

  • The software is by Silver Creek.
  • A download is required.
  • Multi-player environment with quick chat (premade chat messages).
  • Spades Games for free only.
  • The games and chat are in English.
  • The website includes game tips, rules, news.
  • Spades Store with virtual items such as avatars, card tables, deck face and back etc.
  • Plus Member account as payment section of the site. Included: free form chat, rated/leader games, league and premium rooms.

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Software & Game Play Quality Rating: ★★★★☆

Hardwood Spades Bonuses & Promos

  • Players rank.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Monthly bonus for Plus Member accounts.

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Our Bonus & Promos Rating: ★★★☆☆

Management & Customer Services

  • Hardwood Games is operated by Silver Creek Entertainment, PO Box 518, Grants Pass, Oregon 97528, USA.
  • Customer service: Customer support via email.

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Our Customer Service Rating: ★★★☆☆

Money & Banking

  • Payment is in Tokens.
  • 400 Tokens=4,99USD $, 800 Tokens=9,99USD $, 1600 Tokens=19,99USD $
  • Transactions by GoogleCheckout and PayPal

Our ‘Hardwood Spades’ Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

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5 Responses to “Hardwood Games Spades Review”

  1. Richard Says:

    I think Hardwood Spades is overrated. Pretty graphics, yes. But the quality of play in the “hard” category is very poor. The partner consistently plays badly and one finds himself trying to anticipate just how he’s going to goof things up. Very frustrating.

    I would not recommend it, for that reason.

  2. just a card player Says:

    Hardwood spades SUCKS!!!! Unless you pay for the service you can’t even chat!!! You can only enter pre-defined chat strings. If you try and type something it will tell you to pay. BRUTAL!!!

  3. Bertha Kidd Says:

    Best place to spades with real people is Download very safe. Have searched for better site but have not found one but I am looking for a second choice

  4. hardwood horrible Says:

    Hardwood offers two versions, if like me you are unaware of this and buy version 2 you will quickly be inducted into the cheating ways of the version 1 players. Version 2 people pay more but can’t change nicknames unlike version 1 players. Most version 1 players attack all new players, they are abusive in lobby and will sit at your seat and just throw the game. When you get irate and complain the guides will silence you. When this happens over and over, hardwood silence you for a whole year, not only that if you have purchased more than one account they silence all of them. They also put tracking cookies on your computer. If I was you I would not bother paying for hardwood until they sort their unscrupulous guides, their lack of fairness toward version 2 and their cronyism which favours old pretty poor spade players.

  5. Rob Says:


    I was a long-time Hardwood Spades player. Sadly, their site is an empty shell of what it used to be.

    When I bought my “lifetime membership” around 2001 or 2002, Hardwood Spades was jumping with activity. There were hundreds of players from around the world at any given time of day. All the rooms were busy–even the rooms with “mirrors” and “suicide” would have a ton of players. Being so busy, setting up a table and starting a game with real players just took seconds. And all the players were free to converse and send “fooms” as much as they wanted. It was a TON of fun and you would see the same players in there all the time. Was almost like a family.

    Then they started getting really snobby or something. I noticed the number of players started dropping dramatically around 2008. A lot of players spoke about having been banned for this or that reason–usually “language.” It seemed okay to me, since they wanted the site to be family friendly.

    But then I got banned for “language,” and I had no idea why. I never speak offensively or use foul language. I repeatedly emailed Hardwood for an explanation or a transcript of the alleged chat–but they never replied. Finally, after emailing them half a dozen times, I was reactivated–but there was some probation period or something where I had to play in something called the “cellar” or something, where there were no other real players and I had to play with bots. Again, they never told me what I said that was inappropriate.

    Finally, I got my full playing privileges back, and though I was a bit bitter, I continued playing.

    THEN IT GETS WORSE. Hardwood then decided that if you wanted to type and chat with other players and have unlimited “fooms,” you would have to pay a monthly fee. So soon I found myself without the ability to chat–I could only use generic statements from a premade list they have. Otherwise, I had to pay a monthly fee. So that “lifetime membership” that I bought was suddenly voided by their new membership packages. I felt cheated. I continued to play, however, using the free version without full chat capabilities–but it wasn’t the same. Chat was half the fun.

    At this point, most all the players have either left or been banned. Starting a game took forever because of the limited number of players. Rooms like “mirrors” and “suicide” were totally empty. And finishing a game took forever–people would just leave games in the middle and then you’d have to wait for a replacement. Atop of all that, it was a bunch of players with bad attitudes. All the friendly players seemed to no longer be around.

    AND THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN. Just a little while ago, I got notified that I was banned for something like 15 years, haha, for once again, “inappropriate language.” That’s funny, since I already had my chat privileges stripped and could only use their premade chat statements. It was not even possible to be inappropriate with the free chat!

    So, clearly the owners of the game are just kicking people and banning people for no reason. Maybe, I’m thinking, I beat one of the owners or guides in a game so they banned me…

    It’s a sad game site now. Very few players online. Bad attitudes from the players you will meet there. They do not honor the membership packages. And they ban anyone they wish and clearly lie about the reason for the ban.

    Just A Card Player above is correct when he says, “Hardwood spades SUCKS!”

    I have not emailed them for an explanation for the ban or to try to get reactivated. I’m glad to not play there anymore.


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